Setting up a personal configuration firle for URLView

The URLview tool looks for configuration files in two locations, a system wide configuration file in /etc/urview/system.urlview, and a per user configuration file in ~/.urlview. I am going to be setting up a configuration file which applies my prefered settings, and this is what I have so far:

Create the file

 $ touch ~/.urlview

Add Settings to ~/.urlview

 $ vim ~/.urlview

#Identify URLs to extract
 REGEXP (((http|https|ftp|gopher)|mailto):(//)?[^ <>"\t]*|(www|ftp)[0-9]?\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^ .,;\t\n\r<">\):]?[^, <>"\t]*[^ .,;\t\n\r<">\):]

#What to do with URL
#COMMAND w3m %s
COMMAND ~/scripts/webview

WRAP yes


Webview is a script for handling various URL types with special actions.

At this point in time little more than somthing borrowed from Script called from urlview, and browser can be changed to whatever I prefer at the time by setting the BROWSER environment variable.


# Feed script a url
# If an image, it will view in feh.
# If a video or a gif, it will view in mpv
# If music file or pdf it will download.
# Otherwise opens link in browser.

mpvFiles="mkv mp4 gif"
fehFiles="png jpg jpeg jpe"
wgetFiles="mp3 flac opus mp3?source=feed pdf shn ogg"

if echo $fehFiles |grep -w $ext > /dev/null; then
		nohup feh "$1" > /dev/null &
elif echo $mpvFiles |grep -w $ext > /dev/null; then
		nohup mpv --loop --quiet "$1" > /dev/null &
elif echo $wgetFiles |grep -w $ext > /dev/null; then
		nohup wget "$1" > /dev/null &
		nohup $BROWSER "$1" > /dev/null &