With spring, an influx of predators have been taking their toll on our existing chicken flock. With the looming introduction of new chicks to the exist flock, it has become evident we need a more secure roost and outdoor run for the chickens. This is the initial shopping list which will track costs and will be updated as additional items are identified.


  • Outdoor Extension cord/s (100 feet)
  • Jigsaw blades
  • Door hinges & latch
  • New hose pipe
  • screws & nails
  • cement
  • fencing ~64 linear feet
  • fence staples
  • Treated 4x4s 8ft. (12)
  • Ground staples
  • 2x4 for roosting (1)
  • wall brackets for 2x4
  • bird feeder
  • ramp fasteners
  • roosting boxes 4
  • outdoor hose spigots (2)